Precision Farming

Soil Scanning and Soil Analysis

Electromagnetic induction scanning of crop fields as well as soil sampling and analysis with the aim of making scientifically sound recommendations.

EMI Survey

Apparent soil electrical conductivity (ECa)is a measure of the bulk electrical conductivity of the soil.

ECa is influenced by various factors such as soil porosity, concentration of dissolved salts, texture and water content. Measuring ECa is a popular method of characterising variation in soils

Physical soil property analysis

Soil physical analysis is conducted using undisturbed soil core samples

  • Texture (Sand, silt, clay)
  • Bulk density
  • Ksat (Saturated hydraulic conductivity)
  • DUL (Drained upper limit)
  • LL (Lower limit)
  • PAWC (Profile available water capacity)
  • Water content (Actual water content at the time of sampling)

Chemical soil property analysis

Soil chemical and textural analysis are conducted using disturbed soil samples

  • Ca, Mg, K, Na, S, Al
  • Acid saturation (AS)
  • Cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • Electrical conductivity (ECe)
  • Sodium adsorption ratio(SAR)
  • pH water, pH KCl or pHext
  • P (Olsen or Bray 1)
  • Nitrate (NOˉ3) and ammonium (NH+4)


Soil laboratory data at each sampling point is calibrated with matching ECa data at each sampling depth using geostatistical calibration software.

Precision soil map products

  1. Topographical analysis
    1. Elevation and contours
    2. Drainage network
    3. Slope and aspect
  2. Salinity and sodicity management
  3. Water management boundaries and plant available water capacity
  4. Soil compaction
  5. Liming requirements
  6. Watertable levels
  7. Hardcarbonate layer
  8. Fertility maps for all elements
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